Commedia All'Italiana

Mafia And Red Tomatoes

La nostra terra
Australian Premiere


  • Stefano Accorsi
  • Sergio Rubini
  • Maria Rosaria Russo
  • Iaia Forte
  • Nicola Rignanese
  • Massimo Cagnina
  • Giovanni Calcagno
Italy | 2014 | 100 mins
Drama | Comedy
Filled with live and a vibrant energy
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DIRECTOR Giulio Manfredonia

The grandson of the famous director Luigi Comencini, with whom he worked as an assistant, Giulio Manfredonia debuted in 2001 with the comedy Se fossi in te. His 2008 comedy Si può fare earned him multiple international awards and much acclaim. 

Filippo (an endearing Stefano Accorsi, A Five Star Life, LIFF13) has been dealing with anti-Mafia activities in the south of Italy for years, but has done so from his office chair far removed in the north. When a cooperative from Puglia is given a small farm that was confiscated from ruthless Mafia boss Nicola Sansone (Tommaso Ragno), they can’t manage to get going on account of ongoing mafia boycotts, and Filippo is reluctantly forced to get actively involved on the ground. Fearful, anxious and hopelessly bureaucratic, he won’t have an easy time. But he is inspired thanks to the courage and passion of the mismatched members of this cooperative, lead by Sansone’s former farmer Cosimo (Sergio Rubini) and by the beautiful and determined Rossana (Maria Rosaria Russo), both with a dark past to redeem. However, along with their first organic tomatoes, an unwelcome visitor will reappear in Sansone, the Mafioso and his presence threatens to destroy everything.

Based on the real-life work of the Libera association, Mafia & Red Tomatoes tackles this issue with a smile and the redemptive joy of recent box-office hit The Mafia Kills Only in Summer.

  • Official Selection
    • Santa Barbara Film Festival 2014
All non-English films screen with English subtitles.

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