Commedia All'Italiana

Soap Opera

Australian Premiere


  • Fabio De Luigi
  • Diego Abatantuono
  • Cristiana Capotondi
  • Chiara Francini
  • Ricky Memphis
Italy | 2014 | 86 mins
A gushy comic crowd-pleaser that’s Made in Italy
The Hollywood Reporter
DIRECTOR Alessandro Genovesi

Born in 1973 in Milan, Genovesi began in theatre where he wrote the play Happy Family which he then adapted for the screen in 2010. Happy Family (LIFF 2010) directed by Gabriele Salvatores was a breakthrough hit, leading Genovesi to write and direct more features, including festival hits The Worst Week of My Life (LIFF 2013) and The Worst Christmas of My Life (LIFF 2014). 

Dipping into parody and combining a season’s worth of hilarious overthe- top comedy into one film, director Alessandro Genovesi ensures there is never a dull moment in this charming boxoffice hit which opened the Rome Film Festival.

When the kooky tenants of an apartment block experience a sudden and shocking situation, they let their private lives, past secrets and crazy passions intervene as the confessions and absurd twists come thick and fast. Previous lovers, wild accusations, a possible murder and more boil to the surface days before New Year’s Eve, but can they even make it until then?

Featuring a delightful cast including Diego Abatantuono (The Worst Christmas of My Life, LIFF12), Cristiana Capotondi (The Mafia Kills Only in Summer, LIFF14) and the infinitely affable Fabio De Luigi, Soap Opera offers melodrama like you’ve never seen it before!

  • Official Selection
    • Los Angeles - Italia 2015
    • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2014
    • Opening Film - Rome Film Fest 2014
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